Billing your customers made easy with us. This can be achieved in two ways, each shipment can be a separate invoice for onetime customers and consolidated billing for recurring customers. Our Logistics software allows you to bill your customers in both ways with customizable invoice templates. Customer invoice copies can be pushed to customers account directly and you can also notify them via email.

We provide the flexibility and simplicity of an online portal with all the functionality needed to manage and track orders, invoices, shipments and accounts. You have complete control over your business from order entry all the way through to customer receipt of goods or services.

How it works
We have a unique tool for billing your customers on a single shipment basis or for multiple shipments. The software will generate invoices and bills, which you can send to your customers.

The Software is easy to use and offers a variety of features that help you in generating customer invoices and bills, printing them on paper or sending them through email.

For example, you can use the software to:
1. Generate invoice templates for customer billing
Print customer bills on paper or email them to your customers
3. Track customer payments and adjust due dates in real time

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