The booking widgets for shipments are designed to enable companies and their customers to easily access their service in one place. The widget provides real-time booking & tracking features on your website or mobile app.

Pre-Alert Purchase
The booking widgets for shipments allow your customers to create pickup & pre-alert notifications when they purchase products online using the company virtual address. Pre-alerts works in different ways as the customer make an online purchase with your virtual address also freight forwarding services to your warehouse address.
The booking widgets for shipments can be used by various third party vendors and business partners who have a presence on the internet, such as Amazon, eBay, eBay Motors and others.

Pickup Request
This feature will be available for the end to end courier services providers. customers can book pickup easily with their saved addresses from their address book. All the requests created by the customers will be filtered into the request section for administrator approval. Post-approval of the request can be converted into valid shipment by assigning a new tracking number for the request.

This feature is especially useful in case of urgent orders and last minute cancellations. It will help us to deliver on time and even in case of sudden changes in our schedule, we can still fulfill your requirements by adding more pick up locations to your list.

Widget Integration
Widgets are small web apps that can be embedded on your website. They are easy to install and use, and they make it easy for customers to place orders.
You can integrate widgets on your site using the following steps:
1. Download the widget from the vendor’s website.
2. Upload the widget file to a server that has access to Internet or an intranet. The file must be in a secure location (for example, in a server shared folder). You should also ensure that the file is accessible from https://www.yourdomain.com/widgets/widgetname.html

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