Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that manages the publishing of all kinds of content on the web. The software allows you to create and publish  pages, articles and other types of content to the customer portal in an easy way. The CMS also enables you to manage your content more efficiently and effectively.

Content Management System advantages:
It helps businesses save time and resources by automating their website creation process. It makes it easy to edit or update your website's existing content without having to go through the whole process of creating new pages from scratch each time. It allows you to add new pages or sections without having to make any changes or updates in the code for your site or application. This ensures that your site remains accessible for visitors at all times. It helps businesses save money by eliminating the need to hire staff members who are responsible for creating pages and uploading them onto their websites manually each time.

Why CMS tool?
Content Management System enables business owners to create Terms and conditions pages, Pricing terms, Customer Portal pages etc. Pages can be published in different portals based on the role configuration. This feature widely used to create information-based pages for the customers and publish them on the portal. HTML page builder enables to create good looking pages with any HTML supported content including images and videos.

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