Customer referral program helps you to reach beyond your marketing area. Customer referral program brings more attention to your business. This feature will help your business to reach your customer's friends circle by offering referral credits for each successful signups. This clean, easy to use customer interface provides referral link and instructions to your customers. These instructions and referral points are completely customizable from the backend.  You can also configure referral points, referral goal (Successful signup or Successful first payment), maximum referral limit per user. Customers can copy the referral link and share it on their favourite channels. This referral dashboard also shows all the referral status for your customers to know status of their referrals.

How it works
Successful referral points will be directly added to the customer account balance which they can use it for shipping services. Also, each referral will have clear transaction details of the referral -based on the goal configured on the backend which makes your customers feel more comfortable about their referred friend's progress in the system. 
The most important thing in a customer referral program is that it should be easy for customers to use it. If it takes too much time for them to refer someone else, then it might not work out as expected. So, make sure that there are proper instructions provided by you so that customers can understand how easy it is for them to refer people using the program.

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