Template Customization

Template customization is a feature that allows you to customize the printing templates with a list of available values to fetch. The system will display the available layout and design options for each template. If you are looking for a specific template, simply click on it and select your preferred option. You can also drag and drop the templates into the palette to change their order or edit them in one go.

Print your shipment invoice and labels as per your own unique business design. All the printing options and layouts in the system are configurable and customizable. Template customization wizard will allow you to use customize the printing templates with a list of available values to fetch. The following options are available for template customization:
1. You can add or remove content from the templates. If you want to add or remove text, images or even PDFs from the template, then use this option.
2. You can also change fonts and colors of the template. Select the font and color palette of your choice from the dropdown menu and then click on “Next” button to proceed further.
3. Add your logo to the template by choosing an image from your own gallery and then placing it on the template. Instead of uploading an image, you can also select an existing image from your galleries and place it on a new or existing invoice template.

You can change fonts, color, size, paper type and alignment of text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus. You can also change margins around the blocks or even remove them completely. When you have finished customizing your templates, click on "Apply Changes" button at the bottom of the window to apply them to your shipment invoice and labels.

Below are the types of templates you can customize:
1. Shipment Label
2. Batch label
3. Shipment Invoice
4. Shipment Packing Slip
4. Notifications Template

You can customize your invoice template by adding your logo, company name or even a personalized message with your logo. To do this, simply click on the "Insert Image" button and select an image from your computer.


If you want to add text, it’s as easy as selecting any text tool in Word and typing away. You can also choose between font sizes, colors and line spacing for that perfect professional look.


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