Shipment Import
The Excel import option is used to import shipments directly into the system using the specified import format. This is the best suitable shipment adding a method for B2C logistic model. You can download the sample import file from the system to fill the details.
To add new shipments, navigate to Goods > Shipments in your account and click on Import from Excel. Select an Excel file, enter all required fields and click Save to save your data in the system. You can also use Excel to create custom shipping labels as well as print shipment documents such as packing slips, invoices and receipts.

Importing data from Excel file:-

1. Select Import button on top right of screen;
2. Browse for your excel file and click on it (the default address will be C:\\Users\\UserName\\Downloads\\Import-template.xls);
3. Select your excel file and click Open button;
4. Check all boxes in correct order and click on Next button to proceed;
5. Enter your shipping details and make sure that you have filled all fields correctly otherwise, you will get an error message during import process;
6. Click on Next button when done with filling all fields;
7. Once done, click on Finish button and wait for few seconds until it imports data successfully into your system database.

Shipment Export
Reporting section with multiple filters gives you the option to export the result data into excel file. Exported data can be used to calculate the monthly statistics and numbers about your business progress. Export Report is a free tool for exporting data from Shipment Export app. You can easily export your data from Shipment Export app into Excel file and make sure it is saved in a safe location on your device.

The report includes all the important statistics such as status, orders, sales, etc which help you in analyzing your business performance and make crucial decisions accordingly.

Customer Import
When you are starting your business, you need to know who is going to use your product. For example, if you are building an ecommerce website, you would want to know how many visitors visit the website and what pages they go to most often. If you have a physical business, such as a restaurant or retail store, it is important to know which customers are coming in and how much money they spend. With our Import Users feature, you can import existing customer data from third-party systems such as Google Analytics or Facebook into your system.

This allows you to quickly see which users are signing up for your product and where they come from; it also helps with customer support by helping with questions about who signed up for your product.

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