Fleet management is a process of keeping track of the movement of vehicles in your fleet. We help you to track the exact location of your drivers, and make sure that they are safe at all times.

We provide fleet tracking options for the customers to track the exact location of the driver or movement of the driver through an interactive map facility. Once the driver installs the mobile application of their software they can enable/disable tracking on their app interface. Every 30 meters driver location will be updated on the platform to show a live movement of the vehicle on the map.

The system maintains a real-time connection with each vehicle in order to check if it is still moving, where it is currently located as well as its speed and direction. This information helps drivers maintain their vehicles in good working condition, which ultimately translates into better customer service experience for them and lower costs for business owners.

Fleet tracking is the process of managing a fleet of vehicles, using GPS or other technologies, to ensure that it is operating in compliance with specified parameters by making sure that the vehicles are moving in the right direction and at the right speed. The benefits of fleet tracking include:

1. Reduced costs, because you can locate any vehicle in real time and avoid costly breakdowns or lost time due to accidents.
2. Improved efficiency, because you can track the performance of each vehicle and make sure that it meets your standards for safety, fuel economy or emissions.
3. Improved safety, because you can monitor how many vehicles are on the road at any given time, so you know how many drivers will be available to respond if there's an unexpected problem with one of them.

Fleet tracking can be done in two ways:
Smartphone GPS tracking - This method uses an app that allows drivers to track their location via an internet connection or cell phone signal. The advantage of this method is that it works every minute and monitors driver location changes and updates the backend for accurate tracking.

GPS device installed with vehicles - This method uses GPS devices installed with vehicles that can be tracked directly through tracking links provided by the GPS vendors. Also, you save GPS tracking link in the system along with vehicle information so you can track the vehicles directly from the system.

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