Live tracking is a very important feature of the online platform. This is also one of the ways to keep customers engaged on the website. Many e-commerce companies are using live tracking feature to show their customers where their shipment is right now and how long it will take to reach them. The live tracking page also provides the estimated arrival of the shipment and the distance on the screen to keep the customers engaged. Customers can click on driver profile on the screen to see more information about the driver and they can also call drivers from the provided mobile number on the screen. Live tracking link can be sent customers via email or text notifications. The live tracking page is mobile optimized for better user experience. 
In this modern era, where everyone is busy and always on a rush, our services are very important to keep the customer updated regarding their packages. Our services will ensure that your package reaches you on time at your door step without any mishap.
Our live tracking feature is very helpful in knowing about your shipment at any given time and place. This feature also helps in monitoring the status of delivery, so that you can get updates on time.

Live tracking screen

The live tracking page has many features that make it easy for customers to check their packages in real time. It has a button which lets you know when your package has been delivered or when it will be delivered in future, along with its location and time frame, so you can track its whereabouts easily.
Another important feature is that you can see when packages are arriving at their destination so you know whether they have been delivered or not before they reach your home address. You can even decide whether or not you want to receive them personally or not by selecting an option from dropdown list.

The app also provides live updates about the status of a cargo, which includes information like:

Current location of your shipment (current location/delivery address)

Status (arrival/delivery)

Time and date (delivery time)

Driver’s name, photo and contact details

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