Delivery is the most important part of business. It is one of the busiest time for courier company. Drivers are always on the road and they have to deliver packages as per their schedule. When a driver arrives at your door step, he has to capture signature of customer which is a very important process in order to deliver package to the right address.

Capturing signature on mobile app is quite easy but it requires some patience and practice if you want your delivery process to be more efficient and smooth. We have provided multiple options to collect the proof of from customers. We offer digital signature functionality for drivers. Drivers can log in to the system through the web portal or mobile application to get the signature from customers while delivering the shipments. Also, the driver can upload a signature in the format like images.

Customers can also print out a paper copy of their waybill and keep it as proof of delivery with them when they receive their shipments.
We provide multiple options for collecting proof of delivery like digital signature, image or printout depending on the requirement of client and driver. 

Canvas Signature
We also have canvas library to capture the signature on web platform this gives smooth experience for the customer who signs on the electronic device. This tool then converts the signature to the image format to save along with the shipment documents. This signature can be viewed by the customer while tracking the shipment.
Also, we store the signature in the less size which improves application performance. 
We also have a custom API which allows customers to directly upload their own images and signatures for delivery tracking service.

Mobile Signature
Capturing customer signature is an important step. It helps you to ensure the delivery of your packages. You can do this by using a mobile app or a physical device. When you are delivering packages, capturing customer's signature is a must. You need to make sure that the customer has signed for the package before you can confirm that it was delivered successfully and there were no problems during delivery process.
You can use the mobile app to capture customer signatures while delivering packages. The app will allow you to capture the signature of the customer right on their smartphone or tablet device. The app will also allow them to track their package delivery progress in real time and keep an eye on their order status at all times.
This makes it easy for both parties involved in package delivery process - customers and drivers alike - as they don't have to worry about having access to every detail regarding their order status while they are busy moving around with their packages in tow!

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