You can upload an unlimited supporting document for each shipment you create. Document section can be utilized by both users and customers to provide shipment related documents. Drivers can also upload POD documents along with the delivery note at the time delivery.
When the package is ready to be shipped, you can add a shipping label using any of your supported carriers or by creating a custom label. The shipping label will be sent automatically to the carrier when you click on Ship Now button.
When finished, customers can review their order status on our website, as well as view all completed shipments in their account.
Not only must you prepare a variety of documents for your export shipment, but it is also your responsibility to keep copies of all of your documents, as well as all other correspondence throughout the sale, including phone calls, emails, etc. After all, it is your job-not your buyer's, your forwarder's, or anyone else - to document the whole process.
There may be other specific documents to prepare before you can ship your goods. These may be identified in the sales contract you negotiated with your buyer, documents required under the terms of a letter of credit or other payment options. These additional documents may be included in the "Shipment Documents" section of Waybill platform.
POD Uploads
Drivers can also upload POD documents along with the delivery note at the time of delivery. The file manager is a feature available on all our platforms and allows drivers to upload their own files and documents, as well as print them out on the way to their destination.
Customer Purchase Invoices
Customer can upload their purchase invoices for the shipment under file upload section. The customer purchase invoices upload feature allows your customers to easily and quickly upload their purchase invoices into your system. Your customer can then view, edit or delete their purchase invoices on the spot. You can also add in comments for each invoice so that you can keep track of any changes in the invoice.
Shipment Proofs
For customers, the shipment arrived proof upload is a great feature. With this tool, you can easily upload photos of the product in your warehouse so that they can see if the product is as advertised and if it has been shipped on time. You can also use this tool to show proof of delivery to customers, who have paid for their orders but have not received them. If you find that a customer has paid for an order and hasn’t received it, you can use this tool for documentation purposes.

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