The Shipments invoice is one of the most common invoices that you will receive. This invoice shows a summary of all your shipments for the past days, weeks or months. You can also view all your shipment details in one place and edit them at any time.

The shipment section offers you multiple options to customize this invoice like adding your logo to the front of the invoice or changing the format of your shipping details. You can also change the content color of the selected item or add a color gradient effect on the background image by using the preset colors in the template manager.

It's easy to create professional-looking invoices using Waybill's easy-to-use shipment invoice templates.

Waybill's easy-to-use shipment invoice templates are designed with the end user in mind, making it simple to quickly create professional looking invoices. Our templates come with all of the necessary elements, including headers, footers and date fields. You can also customize each template by adding your logo and company logo.

Invoice templates are available in a variety of formats (PDF, HTML or Microsoft Word) and styles (plain or fancy). You can even customize the invoice with your company logo and contact information.

Our easy-to-use shipment invoice templates include:

Downloadable PDF files that you can print out directly from your browser, A pre-designed layout with all the fields already filled in and ready for you to customize as needed, A WYSIWYG editor that allows you to easily add text, images and more and you can also use our custom shipping labels feature to create your own designs.

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