The main purpose of shipping discounts is to reduce the costs of delivery. They can be configured for each customer differently along with common discounts which are applied sitewide. We also customize discount feature based on the business needs ,so shipping discounts is definitely a big plus for the logistics industry and we have them in place with an automated process.

Shipping discounts are also used to differentiate between different products and services, as well as to offer customers better deals such as free shipping or faster delivery options.

Shipping Discounts are a very effective way to support your customers and make their lives easier. They help you stand out from your competitors, create more loyalty among your customers, and ultimately increase sales.

How it works
To set up a shipping discount configuration, click "Options" at the bottom of your Shipping Settings page and then click "Create Discount Configuration".

The first step in creating a new discount configuration is selecting the type of discount you want to create. You can either choose between a flat-rate shipping charge or two-for-one deals (or any combination therein). You can also decide whether or not it applies only to orders placed today, or if it will be available indefinitely (so long as there's enough inventory left).

Once you've decided on your options, click "Create Discount Configuration". The resulting page will allow you to name your discount configuration and add its details (such as when it will be available), along with other details about how it works and when it expires.

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