There are multiple types of user roles available in the system. User management section for all type users gives complete control over users. Each user role can be controlled through the permissions wizard by setting correct permissions for your user roles. More flexible permissions to different user roles give you complete control over the users. Depending on your business model you can configure the permissions for branches and staffs to control what they can see and edit. Setting correct permissions protects your business data from getting removed and misused by your company employees.

Branch Permissions

Branch permissions sections allow configuring various permission including own branch shipment access, other branch shipment access, managing branch customers, bulk update permissions etc. Every permission classified into multiple small permissions which will allow configuring accurate permissions required for the role.

Staff Permissions

The branch can have multiple staff roles and these roles inherit basic permissions from the parent branch. Also, staff can have role-based permissions that will allow/restrict staff from accessing branch-related data. 

Delivery Permissions

Delivery permissions control what delivery staff can access through mobile application and web portal. This includes the specific status updates and actions on the mobile application. This also allows business owners to toggle different features that are available on application base on business flow.

Customer Permissions

Customer permissions allow business owners to toggle various features and access points on the customer portal. These permissions are classified into multiple access points that allow a business owner to control customers portal features.

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