Customer wallet feature enables the easiest mode of payment for your customers to pay shipping charges. Wallet transactions are fast and there are no processing charges, unlike payment gateways. Customer wallets allow you to accept multiple types of payments through a single gateway. You can create a customer wallet for each customer, which will assign that customer a unique payment method within your merchant account. This means that you can accept payments from any of your customers through the same gateway and view all their transactions in one place.

Customer wallet significantly reduces the number of transactions required through payment gateways. This will allow business owners to cut down their online transaction charges for each shipment. Customer wallet will be available to make payment for shipping charges and invoices on the customer portal. Customer wallet also enables the option to add initial credit of the customers while they signup using referral links. Customer wallets can be credited through promo codes and this enables business owners to run promotions and advertisements.

How it works
Customer account management section allows you to add credit & debit transactions directly on the customer wallet. All the transactions of customer are recorded and listed for future reference. Customers can add more money to their wallet through available payment gateways.

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