Update shipment status with a pre-defined list of options will reduce the time to update. Optionally you can save the update values in the system for future use or type in the values for one-time use. You can also update shipment status through bulk selection. All the shipments assigned in one container will inherit the status updates whenever applied to the particular containers.

The update process can be started by clicking on Update Status link under Customer Info section in your website. Once started, you will be redirected to a new page where you can select from several available options such as Update Shipment Status, Add/Edit Shipment, Delete Shipment and Bulk Selection of Shipment Status Updates.

The Update Shipment Status option is used to update shipment information such that it reflects current status of each shipment assigned to a particular container. The Add/Edit Shipment option is used to add or edit any existing shipment details like: Name, Address, Weight and Other Details for each shipping container with its respective weight limit defined by customer during order placement process

Barcode Scanner
The Barcode scanner interface allows your staff to scan the shipments that are ready to update all at once and then they can select the result and update the status with one click. Interface support all kind of barcode scanners including Wired, Wireless scanners. This interface also works with a mobile camera if the staff logged into the portal using mobile devices.

The interface is easy to use and can be used by any person on your team. The user can add or edit a transaction by simply adding a new line for each shipment in his/her list. Once added, the user can view all transactions that have been made within the system as well as their status. The user also has access to change details such as date of transaction, shipping address, etc.,

Once done with updating all shipments in one go, you can select which shipment you want to edit and update its details like time, date of transaction, etc., Then press save button and it will go through all records in database and display them on screen for editing

Driver App
Driver application provides a single scan update feature for the drivers to update the shipments easily. The mobile application provides a camera scanner for the drivers to just scan the package and update them in the click. The mobile update screen also includes signature capturing and file attachment options to add more detail about the pickup and delivery tasks.

Driver app makes it easy for customers not only to track their packages, but also to get notifications when their items are delivered. This can be done by using a variety of methods including push notifications, SMS, email or phone call.

The driver app also allows you to view detailed information on each shipment such as its origin, destination and date shipped all in one place. You can see if there have been any problems with your shipment that require action, such as damage or missing items. You can even check if there have been any delays in shipping so that you can contact your customer immediately if needed.

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