Tracking shipment is one of the key factors in the logistic platform which endorses your identity in the market. Ask anyone shipping or receiving a package what's important, and you'll hear reliability. So we created tracking technology that empowers you to see, solve, and meet expectations- locally, globally. An easy way to track shipments on your website, using a simple widget that you can embed anywhere on your website. It allows customers to track their shipments anytime & anywhere by entering their order details or scanning a barcode or QR code with their mobile device. This feature helps you improve your customer satisfaction by providing them easy access to their orders at any time they want it!

Customer satisfaction in terms of shipment update is always high with platform with the help of email notifications and live updates. Shipment tracking page gives enough information about the customer shipment which will reduce the customer enquiries towards the shipment. Publicly available tracking and immediate email notifications will let your customers track their shipments without logging into the system. With updates you get better visibility of your shipment's whereabouts along with the estimated time of its delivery. is a shipping management platform that offers you the ability to track and monitor shipments in real time.

With, keep a close eye on all your shipments from a single platform. Our automated tracking updates help you have a detailed insight into your shipment's movement. We make it easy for you to view all of your shipments at one place, so you can be sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Track your cargo from start to finish allows you to track all of your shipments in real-time, from their first step until they reach their destination. You can also track them against their estimated delivery date, so that you always know where things stand at any given point in time.

Manage multiple carriers at once

Our platform provides easy access to multiple carriers and suppliers at once, allowing you to manage them all through one interface — no matter who they are or where they're based! This makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of things and ensure that all orders are filled correctly, on time and within budget every time!

Live tracking

Live tracking links can be sent all the customers once the shipment is assigned to drivers for pickup or delivery. You can also automate this process by setting auto live tracking settings on the admin portal. The live tracking link will provide accurate information about the delivery and estimation to customers and engage them more compared to offline tracking.

The customers can track their shipments in real time, which helps to increase sales especially during peak hours. Live tracking links are most effective when used with a mobile application like Google Maps, Waze or other similar applications that provide live traffic updates.

Live tracking links help you to retain customers and reduce customer churn rate by showing them where their package is at any given moment of time, what's happening with it and even how long it will take before they receive it.

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