Warehouse companies need to handle large numbers of orders every day, but they can’t afford to hire more warehouse workers. In this case, we provide an efficient solution, which is our warehouse management software. It helps you manage your inventory, order shipping and receive shipment tracking all in one place. The software will help you set up your own custom inventory reports and keep track of every item in your warehouse so that you don’t end up wasting time by checking stock levels manually every day! Warehouse portal has features such as the ability to upload and download data, print reports, create invoices, track inventory and more. Warehouse staffs can easily access their database through this platform which helps them in managing all incoming and outgoing orders in real time. 

Our warehouse portal is an online tool for managing and tracking all incoming and outgoing shipments in real time through a secure network connection. With warehouse portal, you can keep track of your inventory by creating multiple warehouses from one single platform with different users having access rights depending upon their roles within your organization or business unit.

Warehouse portal has an option to set up custom fields, which can be used to store information such as customer name, customer number, delivery date and time, etc.

Warehouse portal also provides two other options:
1) Order Entry – this option allows users to enter all their orders via their mobile phones or computers;
2) Order Management – this option allows users to create new orders, modify existing ones, delete them and even print order delivery reports on demand when they want them.

The warehouse portal also provides options to consolidate similar shipments and group them using containers. Containers are very useful to group shipments and manage them easily. This will also provide label printing and manifest generation options to help custom clearance on the international shipping ports.

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