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Welcome to our Logistics Software Features page, where we showcase the extensive capabilities of our advanced software solution designed specifically for the logistics industry. Our software is equipped with a comprehensive set of features to enhance your supply chain management, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency.

100% Data Security

We have implemented industry-standard security measures to protect your data.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Support department is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of support options.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports allows you to create charts, graphs and text reports you need.

API Integrations

We provide API facility to our customers, they can use our APIs to integrate existing apps.

Connect your Favourite Apps

Connect your favourite apps and share data between platforms to streamline the workflow.

Regular Updates & Patches

We offer free software updates for all our products to keep the product secure and stable.

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Store Integrations

Integrate the world's leading e-commerce platforms with your logistics software. The platform allows you and your customers to integrate their online stores with the platform without any coding knowledge. Integrating online stores will allow to Import orders directly from the store and ship it easily. Both automatic order import and manual order import gives you better control over the orders which need to be importe...
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Carrier Integrations

Carrier integrations are just one component of a logistics operation. But it’s a vital one. Distribution operations up to a certain throughput can work very well without it, as carrier requests can be manually made. But once orders increase, your dispatch systems start to become more disordered, especially if you’re using multiple carriers and are manually inputting data into different carriers’ ...
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Import and Export

Importing shipments in Excel is one of the most important tasks for B2C logistic model. We make easy to use import templates to upload shipments into the system with customizable field options....
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Roles and Permissions

There are multiple types of user roles available in the system. User management section for all type users gives complete control over users. Each user role can be controlled through the permissions wizard by setting correct permissions for your user roles....
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Live Chat Support

Inbuilt internal messaging system specifically made for our users. There is no plugins or 3rd party providers behind the chat system which gives more secure communication between your employees and customers....
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Shipment Barcode Generator

Barcode for your tracking number will be generated automatically based on your barcode encryption configuration. There are many barcode types available to choose from. The same will be printed in the shipment invoice and other places. Any USB supported barcode scanner can identify the waybill.work tracking number to pull the shipment information....
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Customized Reports

Reporting is a key feature in the logistic software industry which gives the actual summary of the business and serves other accounting purposes. Our reporting section is where you can pull any kind of filtered data based on your own requirement....
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Billing and Invoicing

Waybill.work allows creating consolidated invoices for multiple shipments. Multiple shipments for the same customer within a specific time period can be filters. Filtered results can be selected as multiple shipments to combine and bill together. The consolidated invoice will carry an additional invoice number for each invoice which can be manually changed. ...
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Social Networks Authentication

Set up your own social login buttons for your customers to quickly register and log in without filling up the forms. This way you can turn most of your visitors into customers. Social network configuration wizard gives you all the information required to configure social network API's and obtaining their access to login screens....
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Customized Templates

Print your shipment invoice and labels as per your own unique business design. All the printing options and layouts in the system are configurable and customizable. Template customization wizard will allow you to use customize the printing templates with a list of available values to fetch....
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