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Welcome to our Logistics Software Features page, where we showcase the extensive capabilities of our advanced software solution designed specifically for the logistics industry. Our software is equipped with a comprehensive set of features to enhance your supply chain management, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency.

100% Data Security

We have implemented industry-standard security measures to protect your data.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Support department is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of support options.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports allows you to create charts, graphs and text reports you need.

API Integrations

We provide API facility to our customers, they can use our APIs to integrate existing apps.

Connect your Favourite Apps

Connect your favourite apps and share data between platforms to streamline the workflow.

Regular Updates & Patches

We offer free software updates for all our products to keep the product secure and stable.

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Fleet Management

Fleet management is a very important facet of any business. It is crucial for a company to manage its entire fleet effectively and efficiently, so that it can be used to its fullest potential by the drivers....
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Customer Billing

Billing your customers is one of the most important tasks in your business. Not only does it help you to track who owes you money, but it also gives you a clear picture of the overall sales and profit....
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News Feed Tool

Customer news feed option enables business owners to publish important news from time to time to keep their customers informed. The customer news feed will be displayed in the top right corner of the dashboard and is accessible by anyone who has logged into the platform....
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CMS Tool

Content Management System (CMS) is a software that manages the publishing of all kinds of content on the web. The software allows you to create and publish web pages, articles and other types of content in an easy way. ...
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Lead Integrations

Our logistics software platform offers lead integration features to integrate your website leads into the platform to manage them better. We offer various type of forms and customizable form builder application to build your own form and integrate into your websites....
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Warehouse Management

Warehouse portal makes order processing tasks simple and easy. We offer a dedicated portal for warehouse staffs to enter incoming orders and update outgoing orders. This portal also comes with a barcode scanner to find the packages faster with the use of a barcode scanner. Barcode scanner can be wired scanner connected to the computer or blue device. The camera-based scanner is also available for mobile devices....
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Cashier Portal

Cashier portal provides dedicated process management features for the cash collectors at the delivery locations. This feature is widely used for businesses that offer store pickup on the destination....
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Customer Support Portal

Customer support portal provides a simple and clean interface for your customer support team to pull customer information in one click....
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Customer Wallet

Customer wallet feature enables easiest mode of payment for your customers to pay shipping charges. Wallet transactions are fast and there are no processing charges, unlike payment gateways....
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Customer Referral Program

By using this feature, you can easily attract new customers who do not know about your company but want to buy something from it. This feature is also helpful in generating new business opportunities for your company by bringing new customers into the market....
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