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Welcome to our Logistics Software Features page, where we showcase the extensive capabilities of our advanced software solution designed specifically for the logistics industry. Our software is equipped with a comprehensive set of features to enhance your supply chain management, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency.

100% Data Security

We have implemented industry-standard security measures to protect your data.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Support department is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of support options.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports allows you to create charts, graphs and text reports you need.

API Integrations

We provide API facility to our customers, they can use our APIs to integrate existing apps.

Connect your Favourite Apps

Connect your favourite apps and share data between platforms to streamline the workflow.

Regular Updates & Patches

We offer free software updates for all our products to keep the product secure and stable.

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Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are a way for you to accept payments online. You can integrate various gateways into your account, giving your customers an easy way to pay for their shipments....
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Global Configurations

Configure site-wide global values like default currency and default weight scales. This global configuration will help to organize the shipments in the system. Each shipment can be defined by the specific currency and weight scale. In the case of shipments without specific values will carry the globally configured values as default values....
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Shipping Rates

The Shipping Rates settings panel allows you to configure shipping rates for predefined weight and origin, destination. This configured shipping rates are used to show rates on customer shipping calculator and fetching rates while adding new shipments....
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Rate Calculator

The shipping rate calculator on the customer dashboard provides results based on the rate configured for the given origin, destination and weight. If the volumetric weight more the actual shipment weight specified by the customer then the rates will be shown for volumetric weight instead of actual weight....
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Booking Widgets

The booking widgets for shipments are designed to enable companies and their customers to easily access their service in one place. The widget provides real-time booking & tracking features on your website or mobile app....
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POD for Last-mile

We provide a digital signature functionality for drivers. The driver can log in to the system through the web portal or mobile application to get the signature from customers while delivering the shipments. Also, the driver can upload a signature in the format like images, PDF, and scanned images....
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Bulk Scanning

Bulk scanning feature is a very useful feature that drivers can use to update their shipments quickly and easily. As a driver, you will be able to scan the barcode on each of your shipments in bulk and get updated automatically....
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Live Tracking

We provide live tracking options for the customers to track the exact location of the driver for shipment collection or delivery. A live tracking link will be sent to the customers as soon as the driver assigned for the job....
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Containers and Manifest Exports

Containers helps you simplify your duties by grouping similar shipments together so you do not have to keep track of each shipment individually. This saves you time, money and also makes it easier for you to manage your responsibilities as a carrier....
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Real Time Notifications

Enhance the shipment tracking experience of your customers with the help of an automated notification system. Real-Time communication via email and SMS not only gives your customers a sense of relief but, helps you meet their delivery expectation too....
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